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Independent Investment advice

Guide to investing lump sums and early retirement packages

Are you being chased by your Bank Manager or Insurance Broker to invest in a particular bond or bank deposit? Do you wonder if they really have your best interests at heart? Who can you trust to give you the most appropriate investment advice. This guide gives you 5 simple points to consider before choosing an advisor, or investment option.

As an independent financial planner, I get asked similar questions at least twice a day by new clients.

"Where should I invest my savings"

"I just came into some money, what should I do with it"

"My Bank Manager / Broker / Golf partner is recommending I invest in XXX, is it a good idea?"

Investing a lump sum can be a very complex and confusing decision, with an infinite number of options available, and no shortage of advice. In the past, many Irish investors became too heavily invested in small focused investment areas such as Irish residential property, Bank shares and Managed Funds. The same could be said about Irish Investors now, with very high weightings in Cash and Bank Deposits. Long term portfolios should be diversified and regularly monitored.

I feel investing is actually a very simple process when we break down all the jargon and sales talk. There are some 5 simple questions that need to be addressed, and when answered, will make your decision much more straightforward.

  1. Who is giving you the advice?
  2. How are they getting paid? (This is often the best indicator to whether you are getting good advice)
  3. What are your requirements for the money in the future?
  4. What is your past experience with investments?
  5. What are the charges?

Click on the links above to review the questions that should be addressed when considering an investment decision.  If there are any specific questions you would like answered please complete our enquiry form on the Contact Us page or phone us on 01 443 4648.

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