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Make Your Future Goals In Life a Reality

“It’s not just about the money” is a phrase I find myself using in nearly every client meeting these days. This stems from the evolution of the role of financial advisers and planners in recent years – a shift from focusing solely on a client’s money and investment returns achieved to a focus on the […]

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What Exactly Do We Offer at Investwise?

Hint: We are not just a pension advisor! I felt it was very important to get this message out to our valued clients, as financial planning is by far the most valuable and interesting service we offer. As an existing client, it is often included in your current fee arrangement, and even if it isn’t, […]

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ECB Rates on the rise

ECB rates are on the rise what does this mean for mortgage holders?

Interest rates and the European Central Bank are back in the news this week with the announcement on Thursday of a further 0.75% increase in the main ECB Refinancing Rate. This is the rate that the ECB use when providing liquidity to the banking system throughout Europe. It is therefore used widely as the basis […]

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Investwise Financial report - benefits of financial planning

Benefits Of Financial Planning

We recently commissioned a report into the benefits of financial planning for peoples’ lives and their relationship with money. As a firm who are passionate about financial planning but wanted to truly understand and quantify the actual benefits of a financial plan in the real world. We see the benefits every day with our clients, […]

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