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Holistic Financial Planning is at the heart of everything we do for our clients, and is a service we are very proud of. We use state of the art analytics and modelling software to develop our plans, along with staff who hold prestigious global financial planning qualifications.

Our Financial Planning service to you as a client takes into account all aspects of your life, including looking at future short, medium and long-term financial goals. Once we have spent some time discussing your plans for the future, or even just setting up a framework for you to start thinking about this, we can proceed with designing a plan and investment strategy to meet these goals. Designing these plans involved the first 2 steps below. Once the plan is in place we aim to support you on a regular basis to make sure the plan stays on track, and any changes in your circumstances are accounted for. Investwise financial planning now have offices in Dublin & Cork.

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Completion of Financial Plan

This includes information gathering and optimisation of plan for possible future events, Future Cash Flow Planning, Pension Optimisation, Retirement Planning and Estate Planning etc. It will also include bespoke recommendations on appropriate financial planning strategies for current and future cash. Following an initial ‘fact-finding’ meeting, we will need to have at least 1 further meeting, to ensure the plan fully reflects your current position and future goals and objectives. We will include your career prospects, family plans, and tax projections at this stage.

Implementation of Financial Planning Strategies

If required, This will include investment strategy implementation, liaison with other advisors (Brokers, Tax Consultants etc.) and continuous monitoring of the plan. All implementation of investment strategies is done with a view to positioning your overall investment assets within pre-agreed risk parameters and the minimum cost possible. All implementations are without commission and override (bonus commission which is not usually disclosed) and the charges or costs on any products are 100% transparent.

Annual Financial Plan Review

I would suggest we meet at least annually, to review the financial plan to update assumptions and objectives and also to check progress.

Quarterly Reports

If we are managing investments on your behalf, we complete a single consolidated investment report that pulls all assets and accounts together into one combined portfolio report. The report is updated for latest investment values, current investment commentary and any important tax or economic points that directly affect you.

Ongoing Supervision

If required, we can assist with ongoing supervision of your pension, savings or investment portfolios. This assistance can involve optimisation of rates, fund choice and assistance with investment allocation and re-balancing. We typically cover multiples of our fee through rate optimisation and reduction in financial product cost through ‘Nil Commission’ investments.

Unlimited phone and email support for on-going investment, estate and personal finance queries.

Our fee for this service is €2,950+Vat. This covers the establishment and implementation of a comprehensive financial plan and first year of support. This applies with no limit on hours or support given and is payable in advance.

We agree fees directly with our clients for on-going annual support and updating of the financial plan each year, which will depend on how involved you would like us to be. We would expect to cover our fees relatively easily over an extended period through advice on deposit rate and investment optimisation, on-going financial planning advice and our portfolio analysis and recommendations.

How We Charge

For information on a charges and fees please see our “How We Charge” page.

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If you would like to find out more about our Financial Planning process, or are interested in putting a financial plan in place, please contact us by phone, email or use our contact form below.

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