Where do you Invest Now?

Where do you invest now? Equity markets are very volatile, Government Bonds are increasingly risky, Cash deposit rates are low and Gold looks like it may be entering bubble territory? Most advisors are still recommending Capital Guaranteed ‘Structured products’, but they are expensive, have long investment periods and often don’t give better than cash returns.

There are alternatives. If your pension or investment funds are stuck in a traditional managed fund with one of the Irish life assurance companies and you are sick of the investment manager not reacting to poor market conditions, then this is worth a look. As completely independent advisors, we don’t tie ourselves to any one investment manager or product producer, and spend a lot of time coldly assessing their performance. Since Standard Life launched its Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund we have been big fans and have recommended it as a compelling alternative to the traditional managed funds on the Irish market, particularly for pensions. The fund has a target of Cash +5% per annum (*) regardless of market movements, a target it has been easily achieving (on a rolling three-year time frame). The attached chart and note from the Investment manager explains how they do it. This just shows that it is worth shopping around and not just accepting that all funds are the same, and that there is a way to protect against the markets without just leaving your money on deposit.




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