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Are your investments working for you, or for your advisor?

Do you need professional advice on your investments or are you planning a new investment?

Making decisions on where to invest your hard earned savings can be difficult. On the one hand, the markets can be very simple and easy to understand, but on the other, the investment industry generally likes to complicate matters.

Many new clients we meet have existing private banking and stockbroking accounts. We like to set out a clear roadmap for your assets, making sure they are invested appropriately to meet your long term goals and needs. We do an honest appraisal of any existing portfolios and other aspects of your finances. We will analyse absolute and relative performance, risk levels and cost.

We follow 4 key principles with all investments.

Our approach is very simple and easy to understand.

1. Understand Our Clients

2. Set Goals

3. Agree an Investment Mandate

4. Efficient Charging Structure & Tax Treatment


Many clients use our services just to analyse existing portfolios. We are happy to sit with you during review meetings with your existing portfolio manager.

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Whether you are looking for a second opinion on your current portfolio, looking to invest for the first time, or looking to make changes to your investments allocation, please contact us by phone, email or using our contact form below.

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