Budget Fairness, My View

It is crucial that budgets and the tax system as a whole are fair, and that those who have the ability to pay take a larger share of the burden. However, this government has done a reasonable job of sharing the load if you look at all budgets since 2008. Budget impact on incomes since start of austerity programme:

Cost to low income earners 4%-6%
Cost to middle income earners 7.5%-9.5%
Cost to high income earners 11%-12%

How high does our top rate of tax need to go before people say its fair, 60%, 70%?? It’s now well over 55% when property tax is taken into account and still there are large percentages of the population paying little or no tax at all.

We need to maintain an incentive to go to college, work hard, set up businesses, employ people and be successful. If we don’t our talented young people will just continue emigrate just like the 80’s when top rate tax was over 60%. Crucifying business owners, employers, entrepreneurs with high taxes is no way to encourage them to grow their businesses and hire more staff…. I know I might not be popular saying this, but we need lower taxes and offer more encouragement to work, not higher taxes. We need to stop the jealousy and bitterness and start acting like a progressive economy. I am seeing some great work through Enterprise Ireland and Ireland is becoming a great place to set up a business, but why bother if the ‘left’ are going to take all your gains back in tax….

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