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ECB Rates on the rise

ECB rates are on the rise what does this mean for mortgage holders?

Interest rates and the European Central Bank are back in the news this week with the announcement on Thursday of a further 0.75% increase in the main ECB Refinancing Rate. This is the rate that the ECB use when providing liquidity to the banking system throughout Europe. It is therefore used widely as the basis […]

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Investwise Financial report - benefits of financial planning

Benefits Of Financial Planning

We recently commissioned a report into the benefits of financial planning for peoples’ lives and their relationship with money. As a firm who are passionate about financial planning but wanted to truly understand and quantify the actual benefits of a financial plan in the real world. We see the benefits every day with our clients, […]

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Headlines From Our SME Market Research

Have you developed a succession plan for your business to ensure the smooth continuity of operations after you retire/move on to other projects? Yes – 40% No – 60% Which of the following does this plan include (Select all that apply): A pension plan – 54% Leadership retirement plan – 38% Inheritance plan (Trusts / […]

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Pensions – The Easiest Money You’ll Ever Make!

Published in The Journal on 19th Sept 2021 Like that dental appointment you keep forgetting to make or switching your health insurance, pension plans often get swept under the carpet will all that other mundane ‘stuff’ we really ought to deal with instead of ignoring. As the annual pensions season rolls around (pensions awareness week […]

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The Smart Money Is On Independent Financial Advice

The Smart Money Is On Independent Financial Advice:  Published in The Echo on 10th June 2021 As we ease out of a long, difficult lockdown and businesses begin to re-open, the importance of smart money management comes into focus. Now more than ever, clients are conscious of protecting and growing hard-earned profits and finding smarter […]

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