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2012 – ‘Bumper year for Irish Equity Fund investment’ Pramit Ghose

2012 – ‘Bumper year for Irish Equity Fund investment’ No, this is not a misprint. Pramit Ghose did mean 2012 in his commentary. I really enjoy reading “Pramit Ghose’s” weekly ‘snippets’ which he emails on Fridays. In his latest issue he mentions something I have been commenting on recently more and more. He expects massive […]

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Where do you Invest Now?

Where do you invest now? Equity markets are very volatile, Government Bonds are increasingly risky, Cash deposit rates are low and Gold looks like it may be entering bubble territory? Most advisors are still recommending Capital Guaranteed ‘Structured products’, but they are expensive, have long investment periods and often don’t give better than cash returns. […]

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Importance of Human Capital for your Investments

We regularly use the idea of Human Capital to help our clients establish and monitor their investments, pensions and general financial position. In a recent article published in ‘The Professional’ magazine, I set out the theory of Human Capital and how to apply it to your everyday finances. I put forward the notion that we […]

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