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Markets Slip, Keeping an Eye Out For Value

Markets Slip, Keeping an eye out for value – For those watching the markets in the past couple of weeks, you will have noticed a change in tone. This ‘correction’ is being caused by a number of factors   1) North Korean Threats 2) Continued poor economic data out of Europe, China and US 3) […]

Posted in News on 30th June 2015

Are you chasing the latest sexy investment?

Beware of choosing Investments based on past performance The investment industry has some of the most savvy and creative marketing departments in the world. They are masters at promoting their products and delivering messages that appeal to our emotionally biases. In times of fear andĀ recession, they promote safe, stable and reliable investments and launch new […]

Can Investors and Investment Managers ‘beat’ the Market?

At its core, the investment industry is clearly divided into two camps. On one side you have the active investment managers, who are still in the majority, and believe through research, market timing and smart decisions, they can beat the market and give their clients superior returns. On the other side you have passive investment […]

Are you trying to time the Market?

Private Investors tend to buy high and sell Low. Are you trying to time the Market? How have you reacted to recent market volatility? Those who have missed out on the huge gains of recent years are happy as they may get a second bite at the cherry. Those who have been invested are now […]

Irish investors once again turn to property – Have we learned any lessons?

If you are thinking of investing in property, what are your options? Given the increased demand for property funds over the past few months, I thought it might be a good idea to do a high level review of some of the property funds available on the market. This article does not offer advice on […]

Irish Investors regularly paying too much for their Pensions and Savings.

Irish Investors regularly paying too much for their Pensions and Savings. I’m getting so frustrated with the high charges being applied, under the radar, to pension and lump sum investors out there. I am losing count of the number of clients that have come to me recently for financial planning services, who were being charged […]

Protecting your bank deposits – A recent article from Investwise for thejournal.ie

I wrote this article for thejournal.ie over the weekend which I thought might be of interest: Read Article

Warren Buffett’s unique view on Cash and Deposits as an investment

Warren Buffett’s unique view on Cash and Deposits as an investment Warren Buffett, probably the greatest investor of all time, has a unique way of looking at his cash holdings. Given that so many Irish individuals have their savings and possibly pensions, sitting in bank deposits and cash funds, this may be of interest. Now, […]

The Real India?

The first link below, from the FT, hasĀ a good commentary on the Indian social and economic situation. It describes the huge imbalance between rich and poor, economic success and poverty but also asks some difficult questions for ‘wealthy’ european nations such as ourselves and Greece. FT India Article The Fidelity India China Fund, which is […]

2012 – ‘Bumper year for Irish Equity Fund investment’ Pramit Ghose

2012 – ‘Bumper year for Irish Equity Fund investment’ No, this is not a misprint. Pramit Ghose did mean 2012 in his commentary. I really enjoy reading “Pramit Ghose’s” weekly ‘snippets’ which he emails on Fridays. In his latest issue he mentions something I have been commenting on recently more and more. He expects massive […]

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